Giai – We Feed The World

I was super excited to be commissioned by Cheryl for this one – sent off to Uist in the Outer Hebrides at super short notice, a place I’d always wanted to go to, but never quite found the right excuse. To meet and photograph farmers on the islands who grow indiginous seed.

The project is We Feed the World, a large-scale photographic campaign, which has brought together over 40 world renowned photographers, to document the lives of small, family farmers, across six continents. These extraordinary images and their accompanying stories will be used to launch a series of international exhibitions, a book and a media campaign, which will celebrate the success of regenerative agriculture in providing 70 % of the worlds food every day as well as combating climate change, increasing biodiversity and protecting the livelihoods and wellbeing of communities. The aim of the project is to reach out to a mainstream audience and challenge the idea that we need an industrial food system or quick fix technologies like GM to feed a growing global population.

So I met the wonderful Angus, his mother Ena and the rest of the Macdonald family – the main project is yet to be finalised but here’s some of the images from November. I cant wait to go back – planning for the summer this time.