RPS 100 Heroines

The Royal Photographic Society is running a campaign to honour one hundred photographic Heroines.

I’m super happy to be included in this amazing list of fabulous photography females.. thank you to those who nominated me.

The full list of those nominated can be seen as a PDF here 

From the Royal Photographic Society: “2018 is being hailed as the Year of the Woman, it marks the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK and has seen significant steps taken to highlight women’s rights – from the #metoo and Times Up movements to increased awareness of the gender gap and global protests fighting for equality. Through the Hundred Heroines initiative, The RPS is adding its voice to the global discussion.”

Learn more about this RPS project at  www.rps100heroines.org


We Feed The World exhibition

My images from the Western Isles featured in the exhibition We Feed The World from The Gaia Foundation at The Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London 11th – 21st October 2018.

Angus MacDonald moves his Highland Cattle across the bay towards his croft at low tide, Ardbhan, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, image copyright © Sophie Gerrard 2018 all rights reserved

Curated by Cheryl Newman and bringing together an international team of world-renowned photographers, farming communities, farmers’ movements and civil society groups, We Feed the World is a unique and far-reaching communications initiative led by Gaia. It is designed to demonstrate the vital role of agroecology and food sovereignty for climate change resilience. Through powerful imagery and amazing stories of small scale, family farmers and local communities, We Feed the World will take this message out to the wider public.

Ena MacDonald, in her croft, Ardbhan, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, October 2017.

Over the last two years, 40 award winning photographers including Rankin, Martin Parr, Pieter Hugo and Gabriela Iturbide, have documented the lives of nearly 50 farming communities across six continents. The aim of these iconic images is to celebrate the work of the small, family farmers who provide over 70% of the world’s food in ecologically and socially just ways, and to highlight the challenges they currently face. By putting the spotlight on these farmers and their diverse cultures and landscapes, we counter the image of the poor, struggling farmer with a truer picture that celebrates their knowledge, resilience and overwhelming success.

The exhibition opened on the 11th October 2018 – with speeches from many involved, (including me), panel discussions and events.

It was a treat to meet John Vidal, former environment editor of The Guardian and take part in a panel discussion alongside him and Francesca Price of the Gaia Foundation on agroecology and the role of the media.

We Feed the World is open to the public at the Bargehouse Gallery on London’s Southbank from October 12th – 21st 2018, from 11 am to 6 pm daily. An inspiring programme of talks, workshops and films from farmers and communities from the food sovereignty movement, international activists, photographers and business leaders will run alongside at the Gallery and other venues.

Uist in the Telegraph

My images from North Uist and Benbecula which I made for the Gaia Foundation project We Feed The World were featured in the Telegraph Magazine Saturday Magazine this week.

With words by Lucy Davies, the work was made in November 2017, and published to coincide with the exhibition of the work at Bargehouse Gallery, oxo Tower, London in October 2018. Read the full article here